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"As a team leader, Paulson's training courses and seminars have given me more understanding of the make-up of plastic and how it flows than any other educational tool out there!"
- Suzuki Mfg.


Paulson ProMolder 1 is the hands-on injection molding seminar designed for anyone who wants to learn and understand the theory, practice and control of a scientific injection molding process or who wants a scientific background of the injection molding process. All Paulson seminars are vendor neutral. Paulson teaches processing “from the plastic’s point of view.” Whether you use Scientific Molding or DeCoupled Molding™ or a hybrid system in your plant, this seminar will dramatically increase your results. Successful completion of any Paulson ProMolder injection molding class will earn the student ProMolder Injection Molding Certification


Here are just some of the main topics covered in Paulson's ProMolder 1 four-day certification seminar:



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