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“This course taught me to better understand the extrusion process and make sense out of the ‘tribal knowledge’ I’ve learned over the years”

Nate Arnold, ProEx 1 Seminar

“For those who think they know everything there is to know about extrusion, you will learn new and useful things in this class”

Paulo Rapuano – ProEx 1 Seminar

“Anyone involved in the extrusion industry should take this course to refresh and grow their knowledge base of extrusion processing”

Dylan Rodgers, ProEx 1 Seminar

“This course will help you eliminate extrusion illusions”

Mark Packe – ProEx 1 Seminar

“Excellent instructor and excellent seminar (ProEx Blow Molding). Lew has many experiences to draw on which enhances the learning experience. Great job!”

Reid White, Honda Manufacturing

“This seminar (ProEx Blow Molding) was very useful. It’s an excellent refresher course and covered everything I need to know, not being involved in blow molding on a daily basis.”

Greg Makusztak, RTP

“The ProEx 1 instructor teaches this class with passion and confidence based on his obvious experience and expertise. I definitely recommend this course to anyone in the extrusion industry.”

Alexander K., Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

“This course (ProMolder 2) was awesome training with knowledgeable instructors.”

Jason Lockhart

“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and kept us engaged throughout the entire 4 days of ProMolder 1.”

Ethan Graham

“If you want to understand the basics of injection molding, you have to take Paulson’s ProMolder 1! You will know much more after you finish the class. I will be taking ProMolder 2 and ProMolder 3 for sure!”

Ron Walters

“ProMolder 1 completely changes your perspective on injection molding! Think from the plastics point of view!”

Ezequiel Sheets

“ProMolder 1 has taught me how to see injection molding from a fresh perspective”

Justus Stevenson
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