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“I like everything about ProMolder 1. It is a great course for getting knowledge of injection molding and how to process in a better way ‘from the plastic’s point of view‘. ”

Erik Bello

“This course (ProMolder 2) should be required before anyone runs a molding machine or designs a mold.”

Nicholas Tomczak

“The instructor was clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in the injection molding industry. I would definitely recommend ProMolder 2 and Todd Bryant to any other molders.”

Derrick Nissen

“As a person relatively new to the injection molding industry, I feel that this course (ProMolder 2) has given me the tools I need for a very successful career”

Jason Lockhart

“I came to this course with limited hands-on knowledge of the injection molding process. The course really filled in the gaps for me”

John Swiatek

“Very good course covering all aspects of injection molding from the Plastic’s Point of View (PPV)”

Trevor Pruden – Arburg, Inc.

“The instructor was excellent! He brought real-world problems to the class which made it simple to relate back to the course content.”

Chris Heffernan, Weber International

“I would like to thank Paulson Training for all their wonderful courses. They have helped me a lot and I now understand my job much better. I’ve gained a lot of confidence after taking your training. I was recently promoted to Injection Molding Supervisor and this was made possible because of what I learned in the Paulson courses. Thank you!”

Mike Mutungambera

” This class made a complex subject comprehensible while still adhering to all the details necessary to become a scientific-based molder.”

Nick Carreon, Uniform Color

“It is my opinion that until you attend this seminar, you should not be operating injection molding machines.”

Mitchel Mudra, Warren Rupp

“A great class for understanding injection molding fundamentals and machine setup optimization.”

Anthony Elchert, Toledo Mold & Die

“If you work in the injection molding industry, take this course!”

Ralph Green, PVS Plastics
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