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Have You Attended A Paulson ProMolder Seminar Yet?

Have You Attended a Paulson ProMolder Seminar Yet?

Hundreds of  plastics professionals received their Paulson ProMolder™ (injection molding) and ProEx 1™ (extrusion) certification this year. We are definitely seeing increased interest from injection molders, extrusion plants and extrusion blow molders across all industries and we’re getting plastics processing personnel from all skill levels attending. Hopefully this is a sign that the plastics industry is on the rebound, possibly even faster than the U.S. manufacturing sector as a whole. We see nothing to suggest that this trend will not continue on an upward trajectory through at least 2015 and beyond.

A lot of our attendees are new to the plastics industry and injection molding or extrusion. Their employers are sending them to the Paulson Plastics Academy to get them ProMolder™ or ProEx 1™ certified. Many are sending multiple employees (there is discount for 2 or more from the same company).

While Paulson has been offering a blended learning model for many years (classroom, seminars, interactive training, injection molding machine simulation, etc.), there are times when a live instructor is the ideal format. This is particularly true for newer employees who may have more questions and want immediate answers. All Paulson Academy instructors are very seasoned plastics industry veterans and teachers. Without exception, our Academy instructors gets 9’s and 10’s on all of their student evaluation forms.

Paulson Plastics Academy Courses fill up fast!

We have a very full seminar schedule in 2015. This includes our ProMolder seminars, our ProEx 1 extrusion seminars and our newest addition, ProEx Blow Molding seminar. We strongly encourage you to sign up early for ProMolder 1, ProMolder 2 and Managing a Molding Plant, ProEx 1 or ProEx Blow Molding. We have to put a cap on total students per class to make sure that the learning experience is a positive one for all students.


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