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Paulson ProMolder Troubleshooting

Good to know: We offer a few select seminars online in a virtual classroom format. Check the schedule for details.

This is a 4-day virtual, live-streaming class, complete with Hands-on SimTech Injection Molding Simulation Lab Lessons

Paulson’s brand new virtual seminar is designed to train production personnel to recognize and analyze injection molded part problems and defects from a scientific molding point of view.

Paulson’s instructors will teach injection molders, mold designers, and part designers how to identify and correct 11 of the most common and costly molded part problems: Voids, Sink Marks, Short Shots, Flash, Weld (Knit) Lines, Splay (Silver Streaks), Jetting, Burn Marks, Warp, Cracks and Part Breakage, and Controlling Molded Part Dimensions.

Part defects are described and analyzed to show how each develops, including an explanation for the cause and affect method of problem analysis – a very valuable technique for analyzing and solving all types of production and management problems.

Interactive Lab Lessons Included

In addition, each participant will be engaged to solve specific part problems in a hands-on, interactive lab lesson using Paulson’s powerful injection molding machine simulation tool SimTech.  This virtual, four-day seminar will give you the critical skills necessary to solve and troubleshoot any plastic part problem.

What can I expect for the virtual class?

  • Online classroom experience with high quality technical content
  • Web-based interactive training using Paulson’s virtual injection molding machine simulator SimTech™ (Learn more about SimTech here.)
  • Full day, week-long, intensive curriculum with assignments
  • Electronic study guides
  • Online testing for certification
  • Access to the instructor
  • Open class discussions with ability to interact with fellow participants

What do I need to attend the virtual class?

  • Just a computer with internet access.

Special note: No camera? No audio? No problem. You can still join in. Call in with your phone and use your computer to share the instructor’s screen. 


Certification: Paulson Training Programs has an excellent reputation for developing highly qualified injection molding personnel who are sought after by the industry. To maintain this quality we test each student at the end of the course with a written exam. Grades 90% and above will earn a Gold Certificate of Achievement; 80% – 89% a Silver Certificate of Achievement; those achieving a 70%-79% will earn a Blue Certificate of Achievement, and all others earn a Certificate of Attendance.


Tuition: $1,795*

*Discounts available: Any company sending multiple attendees from one company to the same class is eligible for $100 off for every additional person from the company who attends.

This course is designed for production personnel who: (1) Need to understand the relationship of the molding machine controls to the plastic conditions in the mold and the resultant molded part properties and (2) Will benefit from practice in setting machine controls, observing the results, and solving molded part problems.

A prerequisite to take this course is satisfactory completion of the Paulson ProMolder 1 seminar or the equivalent Paulson CD or web-based training. In addition, others having molding experience may attend this course by passing Paulson’s pre-assessment test, SkillCheck 1 & 2, administered by Paulson.

Paulson Training Programs reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment by providing notice to customers at least seven calendar days prior to the class start date. At which time the customer can elect to receive a full refund of paid registration fees (travel expenses are the responsibility of individual or sponsoring company) or transfer to a future scheduled class. In the event a customer needs to cancel, a notification letter must be received by Paulson Training Programs 30 or more days prior to the start of the registered class for a 100% refund, less a $15 processing fee. For cancellation of 22-29 days prior to the start of class a 50% refund will be issued and 21 or fewer days notice will result in no refund. Additional registration and cancellation terms are explained in more detail in the registration packet supplied upon final registration.

Available ProMolder Troubleshooting Dates

ProMolder Troubleshooting

October 8, 2024 to October 11, 2024
Virtual Online Classroom 1-800-826-1901 ProMolder Troubleshooting

Earn a Paulson ProMolder Certificate


Detailed ProMolder Troubleshooting Course Outline  Available Here


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