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ProThermo Thin Gauge

Thin Sheet Thermoforming is one of the most common processes for making a wide variety of consumer and industrial plastic parts.

It’s also one of the fastest growing of the plastics manufacturing industries and employs thousands of personnel. While simple in concept, thermoforming is a complex process requiring knowledgeable and skilled personnel at all levels in the plant. Thin sheet thermoforming is also known as “thin gauge thermoforming” and “roll-fed thermoforming.”

Taught by sought after Thermoforming expert Mark Strachan, this intensive course will give attendees the fundamentals and advanced knowledge of thermoforming processing that will result in maximum efficiency and profit.


Paulson Training Programs has an excellent reputation for developing highly qualified injection molding personnel who are sought after by the industry. To maintain this quality we test each student at the end of the course with a written exam. Grades 90% and above will earn a Gold Certificate of Achievement; 80% – 89% a Silver Certificate of Achievement; those achieving a 70%-79% will earn a Blue Certificate of Achievement, and all others earn a Certificate of Attendance.

Topics covered in the ProThermo Thin Gauge Seminar include:

  • Raw Materials and sheet extrusion for Thermoformers
  • Thermoforming Fundamentals
  • Heating the sheet
  • Advanced Thermoforming Techniques
  • Cooling the Part
  • Trimming and Stacking the Part
  • Part and mold Design
  • Quality Control Procedures and Troubleshooting

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*Discounts available: Any company sending multiple attendees from one company to the same class is eligible for $100 off for every additional person from the company who attends.

Details Coming Soon!

Details Coming Soon!

Available ProThermo Thin Gauge Dates

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