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Managing a Molding Plant

A 2-day injection molding seminar that teaches the business of managing a molding plant. The primary focus is on identifying, monitoring and controlling the cost drivers of an injection molding plant. Cost drivers are those items which dictate how much profit is made. Managers of molding plants are swamped daily with a myriad of issues, many of the “immediate” variety. Those daily fires can obscure the important metrics by which success will be measured and achieved. Certification: Successful completion of this course earns attendees a Certificate of Completion.

Topics covered in Managing a Molding Plant:

  • What cost drivers should I be monitoring?
  • Effective throughput : What does it mean? How is it monitored? What reports have the most meaning to the company’s success? Production data collection tools
  •  Material conservation
  • Labor content
  • Material content
  • Machine and mold maintenance
  • Establishing machine rates
  • Quoting plastic parts
  • Daily report summary
  • Earnings estimator
  • Basic understanding of the injection molding process
  • Team building
  • Basic Lean Manufacturing for a “Job Shop Environment”

Cost to attend: $1,995*

*Discounts available: Any company sending multiple attendees from one company to the same class is eligible for $100 off for every additional person from the company who attends.

New and Experience Injection Molding Managers.

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