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“Very educational and informative!”

Jason Boroff, Toledo Mold & Die

“The instructor did a great job of fully covering all of the content in a way that made it impossible NOT to learn and not want to learn! My knowledge has grown exponentially with regard to the injection molding process.”

Josiah Yazdani, Toledo Mold & Die

“The course content and instructor skills far surpassed my expectations!”

James Cushler, Warren Rupp, Inc.

“Great Job Paulson! Keep up the good work.”

ProMolder 1 Graduate, Charlotte, NC

“I learned much more than expected and the experience level of the instructor was outstanding. His stories and experience made a huge difference.”

Jaime Vadell, Wenco S.A.

“This course gave me great ideas on how to start a new job efficiently”

Cathryn Sammons, Martech Medical

“Great Course! Loved it. Would take it again”

Dean Mather, NHI Manufacturing

“Very knowledgeable and caring instructor. Looking forward to the next level class with Mike Eikenberry”

Jason Lockhart, Edge-Works Manufacturing Company

“This class breaks injection molding down to the basic processes (the 4 variables) and direct data evaluation. This combination guides effective and efficient processing and troubleshooting.

Chris Hoffman, Heyco Products, Inc.

“I highly recommend this course to any and all in the injection molding field. The trainer and course were both extremely helpful…”

Randy K., Bericap

“This is a great seminar to learn actual molding and to show people how the changes they make during processing affect the properties of the plastic.”

Robbie Reynolds, McKechnie Vehicle Components

“I’ve used Paulson Training in our plant already and it is working out really well. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is already making my job easier. Hope to see you in ProMolder 2!”

Ray Gaudette, Energizer
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